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Engage with the Beauty of Jesus

Nothing unifies us like music. Saying the same thing - lyric - at the same time - rhythm - in the same way - melody - is powerful.

Kalos Church Production Team is just a group of friends who love Jesus, love making music, love being in community together and want to get better at it! We’d love to have you join us!


A Week in the Life of Production Team


Setlist is posted to Planning Center (see below for further instructions on how to use planning center).

Tuesday - Thursday

On average, our team members will practice between 1-2 hrs in preparation for Thursday rehearsal.

Thursday from 6:30-8:30 pm at 2053 152nd Ave NE, Redmond, WA 98052

At rehearsal we work together to:
- be friends
- have fun,
-make sure that our music is as excellent as we can muster.
- While we crave creativity, as a general rule of thumb, we typically stick with playing songs as they are on the provided mp3s.
- On planning center you will see a designated “Worship Leader” who will run the rehearsal, but we expect empathetic criticism from every member of our team as we all strive for the best we can offer.

- We believe everyone on our team has the capacity to bring valuable musical insight and contribution.

Gear to Bring
Electric Guitar: guitar, pedals and amp.
Acoustic Guitar: guitar, (DI and cables provided)
Bassist: bass guitar
Keyboard: Kalos Nord Stage 3 keyboard
Vocalist: Your amazing self…and maybe a water bottle?

Friday - Sunday

On average, team members will spend an additional 1-2 hours of rehearsal in preparation for Sunday


7am - arrive at Hilton Garden Inn with gear for service
7-7:15 - Unload truck (parks on the east side of HGI right outside the front doors opposite valet entrance)
7:15-8 - Setup stage and gear in main auditorium
8-8:15 - sound check
8:15-9 - setlist run through
9-9:15 - Tech run through with pastors/emcees
9:15-9:30 - Kalos All team Huddle
9:30-9:40 - BREAK
9:40 - begin playing prelude song
9:45 - service 1 begins
We all sit in both services
11-11:25 - Connects with church in between services
11:25 - begin playing prelude song
11:30 - service 2 begins
We all sit in both services
12:15 - 12:30 - Connect with church
12:30 - begin tear down
Tear down is complete when all our gear is packed away and ready to be loaded onto the truck. Often our team will also help the Operations team load the truck.

Meet the Leaders

Andrew Jennings  Production Director @andrewjjennings 810.618.34533 andrew@kalos.church

Andrew Jennings
Production Director

Becca Snyder  Worship Leader & vocal director @beck_snyder 810.360.3957

Becca Snyder
Worship Leader & vocal director

Ben Jennings  Tech Director btjennings528@gmail.com 810.618.4266

Ben Jennings
Tech Director

Zach Snyder  Band Director @zachariahsnyder 810.360.7325

Zach Snyder
Band Director

Josiah Anthony  Band Director @josiah_anthony 719.322.1389

Josiah Anthony
Band Director


Planning Center

When are you scheduled? Need a chord chart? Want to listed to the mp3 while rehearsing? Need someone’s phone number? You’ll find all the answers at this website/mobile app. Check out this video to see how:


This is our substitute for annoying group text messages. If we need to communicate info about upcoming events or kalos news, it’s done here in a way that helps all of us stay organized! Check out this video to learn how:

We are so passionate about improving our craft and helping others do the same. Check out this list of lessons and resources if you want to join us in that quest!

We are a portable church, which means we setup and tear down our gear each week! Head to this page for video instructions on our processes so you can be prepared for our system!


Can’t wait to work with you on joining our team. Fill out this form and we will reach out to you to setup coffee and an audition ASAP.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who leads the production team?
Andrew Jennings. Contact him at andrew@kalos.church :: 810.618.3433 :: @andrewjjennings

Do I have to be a member of Kalos church to play on the team?
Step one to join our team is heading to our Crash Course that is offered weekly after each service. Step two is to audition for the team which you can do by clicking on the ‘audition’ link above. From there our team will work with you on joining the team!

What positions are available?
Drums, Keyboard, Bass, Electric guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals. If you would like to play an instrument not on that list, please contact Andrew (andrew@kalos.church, @andrewjjenings)

Do you write original songs?
We are working on that and would love for you to be involved!

How do you pick your songs?
Each season (every 3-4 months) we release a 10-15 song setlist that we use for that period of time.

Can I listen to your songs throughout the week?
Yes! Head to Kalos.church/music to get access to our spotify playlist.

Why do you play music at church?
Music is powerful, beautiful, and unifying, and helps us make known the beauty of Jesus. But to answer your question more fully, check out our May 2019 series “Music and Jesus” at kalos.church/listen where we really dive into that question!