Pastor Pradeepan and Amreitha Jeeva are the Founders and Pastors of Kalos Church.

Pradeepan and Amreitha Jeeva

Born of Sri Lankan Hindu refugees, Pastor Pradeepan became a follower of Jesus as a sophomore in high school in desperate need of hope.  Making a decision to live for Jesus eventually lead him to Oral Roberts University where he graduated with a Bachelor's in Pastoral Christian Ministry and later with a Master's in Educational Leadership.  Pastor Pradeepan has been a youth and young adult pastor for over 8 years, leading hundreds of young people into a meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ.  Having lived in Minnesota, Colorado, Michigan, Oklahoma and even South Korea, he has pastored individuals from different backgrounds, ages and cultures. Church Planting has been in his heart since his senior year of college and is now becoming a reality. Pastor Amreitha joins Pradeepan in a passion for the local church in addition to a call to care for the orphan and poor. Growing up in Kansas after being adopted from India, Amreitha gave her heart to Jesus as a little girl.  She graduated with a Bachelor's in Child and Family Studies and spent the last five years on the executive leadership team of a non-profit organization caring for orphans and poor communities in Southeast Asia.  Amreitha Co-Founded a job creation company empowering women in poverty in Cambodia with dignified work and education, eliminating them from the dangers of sex trafficking and affording them an opportunity to receive holistic care for sustainable futures.  Together, Pastors Pradeepan and Amreitha (and baby boy Obadiah) have a vision to see the beauty of Jesus made known in the Seattle area and beyond.



Andrew Jennings

Director of Production

Andrew Jennings, with a Bachelor's degree in music from Oral Roberts University, has been leading worship for over a decade. Competent in guitar, piano and vocal performance, his heart is to write songs that can communicate the love of Christ to all the earth. From the rowdy middle schoolers to the seasoned saints, Andrew is experienced at crafting a worship experience that invites any soul into the presence of our Creator. Secondarily, Andrew oversees the financial books of Kalos church. He doesn’t enjoy temperatures in excess of 80 degrees, but is always down to try a new, juicy burger. 


Rachael Jennings

Director of Operations and Administration

Rachael Jennings is the administrative mind that glues the vision of Kalos church to the details and steps required to achieve our big dreams. With a Bachelor's degree in communication from Oral Roberts University, she has over 7 years of experience directing church ministry to every age demographic. From leading leaders who lead leaders, to planning state wide conferences, to overseeing dozens of international missionary teams simultaneously, Rachael is a competent, experienced, and effective administrator. She bridges the gap between vision and execution. She doesn’t like the word ‘secretary,’ but does enjoy the nonfat white chocolate mocha from Starbucks.


Linda Ho

Director of Connections

Linda makes sure that everyone has a chance to find community at Kalos Church. From first impressions, follow up and delicious snacks, she helps get connected. She has served as the director of Community Small Groups, and worked in Pharmacy for for over 10 years. When not working, you can find Linda listening to metal, eating Fish in a clay pot, or watching anime.