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Services are every Sunday at 9:45AM and 11:30AM: Click here to plan your visit

This summer, we are going over the book of John. Click here to see the reading plan

Summer small groups have started! Click here to learn more


Sermon series - The Book of John

2nd - Small Groups begin

16th - Father’s Day

23rd - Summer Party at Enatai Beach Park; 6-8pm


Sermon series - The Book of John

14th - Small Groups End

19th-20th - Kalos Camping Trip (Cascades Camping and Conference Center)

28th - 5 in 5


Sermon series - Thr Book of John

18th - Unveil at Amphitheater at Crossroads; 6-8pm

24th - Jubilee Service Day; Medina Elementary school; 8am-12pm

25th - Celebration in the Park at Downtown Bellevue Park; 9:45am (Kalos service will be held here)